About: the fear of being one self

Living in a university-town like myself (living in Uppsala, Sweden) it’s almost impossible to be recognized as an artist. It doesn’t matter wether you’re the new Picasso (and I know and hope that I am not)… There is no way you can make it unless you can ”prove your art worthy” with the carbon 14-method or something similar.

Initially I found this fact of resistance from my fellow citizens rather provocating. Now a days I just (mearly) smerk at the fact that those setting the ”cultural agenda” for my community over and over again totally miss out on talanted actors, singers, artists et cetera.
It is a petty, nevertheless, that people (at large) suffer from such lack of individual belief in themselves that they let the highly incompetent cultural ”establishment” of my town set the rules for what shall be considered good art and what will not. I so, so much wish for a more strong-minded cultural public in Uppsala. Ss the one I come upon in Stockholm, Singaporei or New York City. I know that my fellow citizens, the Uppsalaensare, are capable of standing their own ground and making up their own mind about what they like and don’t – even when it comes to culture.
I just prey to God that I will get to see it while I’m still around.

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